Civil Litigation Legal Process

Civil litigation is the legal process by which individuals resolve civil disputes via the court system. This is seen as a last resort should the individuals be unable to settle the matter privately or through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The area covered by civil litigation is huge, as it comprises of all legal disputes which are non-criminal in nature or concerning the government. This commonly includes matters in extensive areas such as contract, tort, property and corporate law.

The aim of civil litigation is not to penalise for any alleged wrongdoing, but to compensate the injured party for their losses. This is often done through financial compensation.

There are very specific rules and procedures as laid out by the Civil Procedure Rules which must be followed in all civil litigation cases. Failure to do so could result in penalties imposed by the court in regards to costs at the end of the case. Our team is experienced in such matters and would be happy to help to avoid such problems should you have a civil legal dispute.


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