Boundary Disputes – What Is Legal

Boundary disputes are common-place and arise in relation to commercial, residential and agricultural land.

The boundary dispute solicitors we work with often involved in boundary wall disputes, or with issues relating to boundary fence ownership. The approach a party to a boundary dispute takes to resolve it will probably depend on the value of the disputed land.

We offer help and advice regarding any boundary related issues.


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Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes

If you want to carry out repairs to property or land you may need to have access to your neighbouring property or land in order to carry out these repairs.

There may be a right of entry specifically for the purposes of inspection or repair in the property’s legal documents.

If there is no such right, or no agreement can be reached, the law allows you as the person wishing to carry out repairs to apply to the county court for an access order allowing you to enter your neighbour’s land to carry out the repairs. There is a fee for the application.