Areas Of Law

Areas of Law


By saying ‘I am a lawyer’ you can mean many different things. As a solicitor, you could work in private practice, for a government body or for a company. And even within those categories, the work you do can vary widely.

At the broadest level you can divide solicitors between those doing commercial work (ie, work for companies) and those involved with individuals. On the one hand you could be a banking solicitor scrutinizing a major loan by a bank to a corporation while on the other you could be a personal injury practitioner advising an individual who has had a fall.

Different practice areas are like different jobs: there’s very little that connects the everyday professional life of a human rights solicitor with that of a corporate one.

Each discipline has its own demands relating to knowledge, temperament, working practices and remuneration.

In this section we profile individual solicitors who specialise in one of the various practice areas common in the profession, in order that you are able to appreciate what direction your career might take if you were to follow a similar path and to assist you in choosing the type of firm that will best serve your skills and ambitions.